Online Workshop on Biz Formation

From Ideas to Reality: Workshop on Business Formation

Laws and regulations have played a vital rlole in bringing the business sector on the mark. A business operates within a legal framework, which has a long history and many reams of laws and regulations that will make your head spin. At some point, most companies will have to deal with some sort of legal issue related to their business. 

Compliance to local laws is also something that all businesses require to deal with. Unfortunately, these frameworks & laws vary enough and in general, your biggest compliance headache will be in trying to figure out what should be the structure of your company, what taxes you owe, employee rules and safety laws, etc. In most cases, compliance is left to the business owner and as long as the taxes are paid on time and no one registers a complaint, most government departments will not be knocking at your door.

Compliance becomes challenging when the law changes or you assumed you did not have to perform a certain task. In these cases, ignorance of the law is no excuse

In the forthcoming Workshop by Headstart, the experts will be discussing the basic of the Business formation and an open discussion on the startup ecosystem of Jharkhand: Opportunities & Challanges.  


Event Details

26 Nov, 2017
11:00 AM to 01:00 PM
CIIE, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad
Dhanbad - 826001

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