Women Entrepreneurs Potluck

Hello everyone,

We're back with yet another session dedicated for women entrepreneurs from the city. Our last session was super awesome!

This time we're going to have a Women Entrepreneurs Potluck! Yes, you read that right. What is Potluck? A potluck is a meal at which each guest brings food that is shared with others. Sounds exciting, right? We look forward to have awesome conversations over delicious food. Here are some rules for the event:


  • Come prepared: Bring everything you need to serve your dish.
  • Avoid the triple-S: stinky, spicy, and strange. Things that are super garlicky, overly spicy, or have "weird" ingredients make people hesitant to go for your dish.
  • Go Veg
  • Think outside the stove. We get it: Even if you're not comfortable in the kitchen, you still want to be invited to the potluck festivities. That's completely fine. And if you want to (or have to) bring a dish, bring something awesome like pizzas from the "fancy" Neapolitan pizza place in town. That will make a lot of people happy.

If you're unable to bring self cooked dish, it's fine to order in.

We're keeping a Rs.100/- as a fees for the session to keep the participation serious.

Looking forward to host you.


Team Headstart


Event Details

09 Nov, 2019
05:00 PM to 08:00 PM
C-201, 2nd Floor,
The First, B/h Keshav Baugh Party Plot
Ahmedabad - 380015

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