All About Saas: Building the Next Unicorn

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Can you build a product that is useful for small business which is useful enough for them to be willing to pay 20$ per person, per month for a workforce of 20 people?

That's about That's 400$ or about 25,000 INR per month, something most small business can afford. Do you think you'd be able to sell it to 10 startups? That's enough for you to run a lean startup with 2-3 employees and modest salary.

Now, if you are able to sell it to 10 customers, don't you think there would be others who are facing the same problems as these 10, a problem that your product solves well. Would you be able to sell it to say 100 more?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then Congratulations! you are already clocking over 1M$ in annual recurring revenue! You can pay yourself and your employees a handsome salary! 
You don't need venture capital. In fact you will have investors interested in talking to you. 
And if you are able to raise venture capital, sky is the limit! 

This is the age of Software as a Service (SaaS) startups. 

The market has proven that a fast growing consumer startup can't be created in the absence of venture funding. And with venture capital investments being as elusive as they are, SaaS has become the ideal preference for prudent entrepreneurs and investors alike. 

This Startup Saturday, we would attempt to give you a 360 degree overview of SaaS. 

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or existing entrepreneur, you'll leave with something valuable. 

In this Startup Saturday, you'll get answers to questions like: 

1. Do I have the skills to build a SaaS startup?
2. How other startups got their first 10 and first 110 customers?
3. How do you grow a SaaS business? You can't grow what you can't measure. And fortunately for SaaS businesses, there are plenty of rules of thumbs and performance metrics that would allow you to measure your startup's growth. We'll introduce you to most of them :)  
4. For beginners, there will be an introduction to LTV, CAC, Churn - the absolute essentials
5. For seasoned entrepreneurs, you'll see cohort analysis being done the way you've probably never done for your business. You'd be able to see with clarity whether your business is going to plateau in 3 years or will it continue to keep growing. 
6. Growth tactics to acquire and retain new customers. And yes it involves using a bunch of tools along with LinkedIn! 
7. What would make you fundable and attractive to venture capitalists 
And much more

All this + some brilliant demos and a hell of a lot of networking with prospective customers, service providers, co-founders, mentors, employees and beyond. 


Prasanna Krishnamoorthy


Upekkha Accelerator

Prabhakar Reddy


Accel Partners

Raghav Nagarajan


Matrix Partners

Rishab Kaul


Arun Ramanujapuram



Kriti Gupta

Investment Team

IDG Ventures India

Naveen Asrani


Startup at Microsoft

Amit Singh

Founder & CEO

Wow Labz

Demo/Elevator Pitches

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