Headstart Higher(Tech) - Bangalore

Headstart Higher(Tech) - Bangalore

If you are a 'Startup-ready-candidate',  Apply here

‘Higher’ is an initiative by Headstart Network, where amazing candidates meet great startups. On an average, each candidate gets shortlisted by 6 startups. 50% of the candidates get job offers from multiple startups.

Why Apply?

  • Multiple startups, facetime with CXOs, all under one roof.

  • Only startups (young companies) are allowed to hire in a Higher event.

  • You will undergo a selection before you are allowed to participate.If we like your profile, we will tell you how to buy a Candidate Ticket to confirm your seat.

Apply now - http://bit.ly/blr_headstarthigher


We collect a fee of 500 INR to ensure the seriousness and commitment of applicants.

Headstart Higher has helped over 250 startups hire over 800 candidates so far. On an average, a startup shortlists 4 candidates at Higher with 67% join rate from candidates that have been offered a job post interviews.

Event Details

22 Jul, 2017
09:00 AM to 02:00 PM
Bangalore - TBD

Contact Us

Jithukrishnan S

Phone : +919567619748

Email : jithu.krishnan@headstart.in

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